December 2018

Hello All,

Where has the month gone? It just seems that I blinked and November had vanished and was replaced with December. Perhaps my hectic schedule has something to do with this feeling.

I am officially done the first draft of Chasing Dreams. I have completely fallen in love with these characters. If you have ever just wanted to pack up and leave town, then check out this new release next month.

Meg, the protagonist in the story, thinks she is prepared for the trip of a lifetime, but someone’s got other plans for this modern woman.

My books wouldn’t have my signature if it I didn’t add some suspense to the story. Be prepared, there is a bad person amongst the pages.  Stay tuned for more news about Chasing Dreams.

Well, folks, as I watch the lights twinkle on my front porch, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Health and happiness to you and yours.

Take Care,



November 2018

Hi Everyone,

I hope your fall was as lovely as it was here in New Brunswick. We had some unexpected storms which added a certain level of excitement to the season. In fact, there’s a forecast for another nor’easter tomorrow. Wish us luck!

I am pleased to share that my latest novel, Running Shadows hit the Amazon Best Seller’s list. I’m thrilled with all the wonderful reviews you have all taken the time to leave. Many thanks.

Today marks the two-thirds point in my next novel, Chasing Dreams. A story about a woman whose wish came true—but with a bit of a dark twist. The old saying, be careful what you wish for applies here.

The story will take you from a seaside city in Nova Scotia to the bustling excitement of Tehran and into the mysterious Zagros Mountains where things really heat up for Meg— the protagonist in Chasing Dreams. I aim to have this novel available for purchase, on Amazon, by the New Year.

In other news, I had a wonderful visit with my sons who surprised us with visits in November. Being all together as a family was so heartwarming and I think I’m still on the “Mom high” from being all together.

I hope each of you has had something enjoyable happen in your own lives.

See you next month!





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