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Shadows. It seems that all Phia tends to do is flee from them. Just as she’s settled into her new life in Trinidad, dark eyes now have her in their cross-hairs.

Is she just paranoid of what she’s left behind in Canada, or is there validity to the chills that run up her spine?

Are the people whom she thought were friends truly as they appear, or something else?

In a world of corruption, whom do you trust when everyone begins to look guilty?


Sarah has finally reached a place of contentedness in her life. No, it may not be what other’s think she should be doing, but it is working for her, at least for now.

Will a surprise visit by her old colleague threaten to change the life that she has built up around her, or will he retreat into the far corners of the world as he usually does?

This Amazon Short Read will take you on a fast-paced journey through blueberry fields, secret rooms and ultimately the final discovery that will unlock the key to Sarah’s heart.

Sadly, sometimes the legal thing to do, isn’t the moral thing to do.

Elizabeth has an embarrassing problem. She’s in a relationship.

But, there are two men involved.

Who don’t know about one other, and each thinks she will be in their tomorrows forever, but she won’t be.

For Elizabeth has a monumental decision to make. Does she stay with Nathaniel in his charming four chimneys, country home or does she do a skip in time and stay with practical minded William. Who will she pick?

Perhaps it will be the troublesome affliction that lays within her body that will make the ultimate decision for her.

Who’s heart shall the old hag break?

Anna has dark secrets embedded into the tapestry of her past. A carefully constructed wall separates her history from Sean, a handsome detective, who considers her to be his closest confidante and lover. But it won’t last.

For Anna’s cryptic life just may lead Sean’s investigation down a road to horror and heartache.

When caught amongst the smoke and the mirrors, will Sean be caught in her crossfires for justice?

How dark and sinister is she willing to go, and at what point is she saving or hanging herself in the process? Will the hatred from her past swallow them both, or is there enough goodness left within her to spare one, or at least him, from a life of shadows.